Monday, July 9, 2012

Burger Challenge Round 9 - Resurrection Ale House

Oh my sweet Jesus. This Resurrection was nearly as good as the one on the third day, 2000 years ago. The burger nearly knocked off the Royal Tavern as tops on our list. It is so deceptively simple. The only toppings they offer are pickled red onions and swiss cheese. Seriously. That's it. But the ethereal burger and luscious challah bun need very little in the way of enhancement. 

Resurrection Ale House is probably most famous for their fried chicken (which they were sold out of during our visit) that is crunchier than a bowl of dry Kashi on the outside with moltenly hot, uber juicy chicken on the inside. But maybe the burger should get top billing on the marquee. The basic but incredibly complex flavors mixing together in each bite stirs things deep in your carnivorous soul. 

The challah bread roll is my favorite so far on the challenge. Tenderly soft on the inside to cradle the precious cargo within and prevent slippage. Sturdy enough on the outside to hold up to the substantial girth and not be a soaking mess of beef juices by the last few bites. Pickled red onion offering up it's sweet and tangy contrast to the melting swiss and savory beef. The patty is one of the best I've had. A substantial hulk of some of the best beef in city limits that has a certain sweetness, and at once piquant and aromatic. Simple but complex, like the entire burger itself. 

No froo-froo presentations or garnishes. No "burger-of-the-moment" concepts like cheesesteak on top or covered with guacamole and nachos. No need. This is the all-American, manifest destiny, beef is our birthright kind of burger

I wish that I had more to say on the topic. Our table was near-on silent for the 10 minutes or so spent tasting and pondering the perfection that was laid out before us. It's a rare but memorable occurrence when you are left speechless by a meal. Try the burger at Resurrection Ale House and see if you aren't left searching for words.

Food Baby Rating: Triplets

Resurrection Ale House
2425 Grays Ferry Ave (at Catherine St.)
Philadelphia, PA 19146

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