Friday, August 26, 2011

Green Eggs Cafe - NoLibs

Post birthday breakfast for the wifey at the semi-new Green Eggs Cafe on 2nd Street by the Palm market.  They've been open a few months now, but it's been a busy summer and there are so many good brunch spots in walking distance that we have overlooked it until now. It's a decent sized room, with seating for what looks to be 50-60 people at a clip. The menu is pretty standard brunch fare with eggs, omeletes, ubiquitous stuffed french toast, and breakfast burritos, plus a few specials to liven it up a bit. 

Green Eggs does not serve booze. So if you need a bloody to get you thru that hangover, better off stopping down the street at Standard Tap. The other thing that Green Eggs is lacking is a one-hour plus wait to be seated (see: Honey's, Sabrina's, Cafe Estelle).  It is such a pleasant experience to be seated immediately upon walking into a restaurant by an attentive, non-v-neck t-shirt-wearing server who actually cares that you are there (see: Hipster servers at above restaurants).  When did it become acceptable to stand in the rain or 40° temps for 45 minutes to get a chorizo omelete or tofu scramble? Really, are any of those places worth waiting THAT long for? I want coffee and a seat, pronto. 

Speaking of it, the coffee was good, and we were constantly offered refills. Guess they have to make up for the lack of booze somehow. They were also johnny-on-the-spot with the water refills; helpful on a post-birthday kind of morning. The wifey went the lunch route and had the Italian panini  with roasted red peppers, artichokes, basil, pesto, prosciutto, and mozzarella.  A good sandwich, even if it was a bit pedestrian, that hit all the required notes. It was big enough that a normal person should be able to take half of it home to reheat later on. I am not a normal person and helped her out with the last few bites. 

Italian panini sandwich w/ sweet potato fries

What caught my eye on the menu though was a revelation in breakfast foods.  The Philly style eggs benedict - served on a toasted pretzel roll with Philadelphia cream cheese, grilled pork loin, two poached eggs and topped with b√©arnaise sauce. Why has someone not thought of this before? This thing is so Philly it should be the official food of the Mummers. Get yourself a side of scrapple and you're basically a step away from growing green fur and dancing on the dugout at Citizens Bank Park.  Sure, the one poached egg was a little overdone and not really yokey enough.  And the pork loin could be a little more tender and juicy. But I'm willing to overlook that for the possibility that this plate represents.  Remember when we signed Cliff Lee in February? Green Eggs is like the Ruben Amaro of breafkast. They have put all the pieces in place for something great to happen. Even with a couple flaws, this was still a great meal and left me smiling for hours afterward. The side of rosemary roasted potatoes were perfect. A little crunchy, just enough rosemary, and perfectly seasoned. 

Philly style eggs benedict - with rosemary potatoes
Very much looking forward to coming back around in a few weeks to give the rest of the menu the once over. If you're in the neighborhood and don't feel like waiting for brunch next weekend, give Green Eggs a try. Get the Philly eggs benedict and then go for a run thru the Italian market. Adrian would be proud. 

Food Baby rating - It's a Boy! 

Green Eggs Cafe
719 North 2nd Street
215.922.EGGS (3447)
8am-4pm every day :: Cash only :: No reservations on Saturday/Sunday

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