Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday Funday at the Wishing Well

The Wishing Well  Home to possibly the greatest brunch special in the city, it's a wonder there's not a Sabrina's-like line around the corner at this place. For $25 you get bottomless mimosas and/or bloody marys.  That's right, there's no limit (unless you're falling out of your chair - but they're even willing to overlook that from time to time) and the deal runs 11am till 4pm! Along with those endless bloody's and mimosas you also get your choice of entree from the brunch menu. What a great way to spend a Sunday - football on the flatscreens, limitless drinks, and good food at your beckon call. Ahh, happiness.

There's also a $25 gift certificate you can get from, and if you wait till one of the big sales you can score it for only $2.
Bacon-Infusing our vodka; pre-mary
The bloody marys are make-your-own, which is definitely fun and much better than that generic house mix you get at some other places. You start with a glass of ice and vodka, and build from there. Choose straight tomato juice or a spicy house mixed batch. Add in worcestershire, old bay, hot sauce, horseradish, olives, lemons, limes, pink hearts, green clovers, yellow moons, blue diamonds, purple horseshoes, or red balloons! There should be bigger pieces of celery, but other than that I'm a huge fan. I like making my own bloodys at home anyways, so this is like I never left the house or my PJ's. Next time I might just come in a onesy. 
The make-you-own bloody mary bar

Oh, they also serve food. Solid brunch menu with a selection of salads (seriously who eats a salad for brunch?), burgers, sandwiches, grilled cheese, eggs, french toast, omeletes, and other choices. The menu is big enough so that everyone gets what they want, but not so long that your bloodshot eyes lose focus after reading the 9th different kind of omelet. 
Chicken and waffles
I rocked the southern fried chicken and waffles. Damn. That was really good. Served with maple syrup and black peppered white gravy, the chicken had super crispy skin and soft juicy meat underneath. The waffles were light and fluffy, and just a little bit yeasty - like good waffles should be. The salty & sweet thing is a theme on this blog, and this plate definitely follows suit. Everyone should try this. Not liking fried chicken and waffles is like not liking Bob Marley. If you don't, you have no soul. 

Crabcakes benedict
A pair of really good crab cakes underneath perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise sauce was also excellent. Big hunks of crab and just enough breading to keep it together. Definitely a winner. 

The burger
Surprisingly enough, the wifey and one of her girlfriends went for burgers. Kind of made me feel like less of a man, but my chicken was better, so I win. The burgers were good, not amazing. The one pictured above was just a normal burger (with some house-made pickles that were not quite pickled enough), but the Smokehouse burger was definitely better. Topped with smoked cheddar and BBQ pulled pork, it's like a cow & a pig made sweet, sweet love and have this illicit child to show for it. It's a pretty graphic reference, but if you taste the burger you'll appreciate it.

Lastly, I'd like to apologize for not ordering the Shame burger. As the wifey requested that I be coherent and not go into food coma mode after eating, I decided to hold off on this monster for another day (which will be soon). What is a "Shame Burger" you ask? Why it's a burger topped off with WW's own house-made scrapple, american cheese, and a fried egg on a Sarcones roll (they're right across the street). Don't forget the fries or onion rings on the side. I don't know what's shameful about it though. I plan on being the proudest monkey in the bar after polishing it off.  

They do, however, have the Shame Burger from HELL challenge, which I likely won't be attempting.  If you can knock out two double shame burgers - that's 2 rolls, 4 patties, 4 slices of scrapple, 4 fried eggs, 8 slices of cheese, plus 2lbs of fries and two pints of beer, you get your name and picture on the wall, a $25 gift card and they'll pay for the meal. Otherwise you're out $40. Apparently only 10 have completed the challenge out of 200 attempts. I'm impressed. 

Food Baby Rating: Twins!! 

Wishing Well

767 South 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147-2844
(215) 238-6555
Open Weekdays 4pm-2am
Weekends 11am-2am

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