Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pizza Bar

Good lunch on Sunday from a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Pizza Bar has opened it's doors and oven to the Piazza crowds. It's tucked in just behind King's Oak, facing inwards towards the square. The space is sparse - basically an oven, stand-up coolers, a counter and some stools. True, we've already got pizza in NoLibs, but you can never have too much and this is a slightly different beast. Trios & Rustica make a great pie, but it's done in a traditional style oven with just radiant heat. Pizza Bar is using a gas fired, old school Italian version that can get you closer to that perfect crust. The resulting product is closer to Zavino or Stella.


The menu boasts 11 different pies, six red and five white, and the promise of four different type available for slices. So far I've tried the pepperoni, truffle and asparago. The pepperoni is an abruzzi style, hand sliced and imported from Italy. It's slightly spicy but left the pie too oily and turned into a bit of a mess half way through the slice. Truffle was decent with a mix of roasted mushrooms, but I could barely taste the truffle oil and the fried egg was nowhere in sight. Asparago was the best of the three with shaved bits of green asparagus tips interspersed with hunks of goat cheese and just crispy speck. I didn't see a fried egg on this one either, as promised on the menu. The highlight of all the pizzas was the crust. Crispy but still with a good chew and nice blister marks, it's the sign of a solid product. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other pies for take-out. You can't judge just on pre-made slices.


According to the manager they are currently only doing delivery to the apartments in the Piazza & Liberties Walk, but expanding with scooters/cars in the coming weeks. For now, it's a good spot for a quick slice and a beer. They've got a decent collection of craft cans/bottles to go along with the pizza.

mushroom / truffle

The big draw is that they are open till 2:30 on Fridays & Saturdays. This is sure to guarantee them some late night BroLibs fallout business from the surrounding bars. On a personal level, I'll at last be able to complete the 2nd street trifecta of Dapper Dog, Jerk Chicken & Pizza. Take that, South Street Taco. That's right - I just created a thing. Can't wait for summer.

Food Baby Rating:  Only Child

Pizza Bar
1001 N 2nd St 
Next to Kings Oak in the Piazza at Schmidts

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