Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Founders Porter at Sidecar Bar

Tasty porter from Founders Brewing Co. at The Sidecar Bar last night.  Good toasty ale and a low abv, so you can have a few and not fall off your chair.  Always on the search for a great porter (Bell's Porter is my current favorite) but the Founder's ranked right up there. The fiancée was drinking the Reissdorf Kolsch, which was a great German pilsner that I happily helped her out with towards the end of the evening.

First time actually inside The Sidecar, having only previously seen it go by in a blur thru the bus window on last years Craft Beer Express (things got a little vague toward the end of the day). It's a warm, inviting little corner bar in the Gray's Ferry section of the city. Good rotating draught beer list of about 10 varieties, and a gastropub style menu.  We don't get out that way too often since there are so many comparable places in NoLibs & Fishtown that are in walking distance, and probably won't go out of our way to go back.  If we lived in the neighborhood, I think we'd be regulars.

T. Kaso

The Sidecar Bar
2201 Christian Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 732-3429

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