Friday, December 17, 2010

Quizzo at The Lost Bar

I'm a big fan of the Quizzo games in Philadelphia. Nothing like trying to recall the real name of Sting after 3 or 4 beers (it's Gordon Sumner, if you're counting). It's more than just the sheer nerd factor of being able recall the author of Crime & Punishment or know how many 3-letter body parts there are, it's about having a reason to drink on a week night. We've been making the rounds at different games for the past few months.

We hit up The Lost Bar in Kensington/Fishtown last night for Irish John's early game at 8:30. If you haven't played his game, it's pretty entertaining. Not for the questions so much as his vocabulary - this guy could make a sailor blush. His game is great though with a really good mix of questions, extra credit, and a lighting round. We had been going to Liberties quizzo on Tuesdays with Tom Asher but the questions seem to be geared towards those that were in college during the Carter administration.

As for the bar, it's a great shot & a beer joint with a good selection of beers - none more than $3. No food, but the cheap beers made up for it. The only fault I could see is that there's no ATM at the bar, and it's cash only. I had to walk 4 or 5 blocks to York street to get cash. Think we'll be back again next week though, early enough to get a table and cash in hand.

-T. Kaso

The Lost Bar is at Frankford at Hagert streets, across the street from the Philadelphia Brewing Company. Quizzo game starts promptly at 8:30 on Thursday nights. All PBC brews are $3, along with Magic Hat, Lager & other microbrews. Domestics are $2.50.

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