Friday, January 7, 2011

Food Writing - 101

I started this blog as a fun little experiment to spread some knowledge of Philly restaurants and hopefully relate some of the passion that I have for food.  I'm clearly not the only one doing this, as reflected by a new food writing course offered by St. Joe's to it's undergrads.  The course was featured in an article in yesterday's Inquirer, and highlights the growing popularity of food books, blogs, and self proclaimed foodies.

I love the fact that people in our little city are so into food these days.  There's practically a new restaurant opening every week, even in this Great Recession.  That speaks to the unquenchable demand for new takes on braised short ribs, cheese steak spring rolls, and authentic pizzas that has become the norm in Philly.

The article also makes me long for my undergraduate days, especially the latter ones, where senior electives let you take anything from eastern religions to wine & spirits (Drexel actually has that class, and it was the most I learned in 10 weeks during my 5 years there).  The possibility of a career in food is tempting.  From cheese mongering, to food anthropology, to culinary arts, there are just so many ways to get into the industry these days.  Perhaps a future in software consulting isn't my calling after all.

-T. Kaso

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