Friday, January 7, 2011

Han Dynasty Part II

Apparently I just couldn't get the delightful pain of Han dynasty's chili oil laden dishes out of my head.  Working in West Chester, I'm just a few minutes drive from Exton, where Han opened the original restaurant.  Now that I'm in-the-know, this is going to be a regular on the lunch circuit.  Food was almost as good as the old city location, but that may have something to do with the fact that we didn't bring any booze with us and Han wasn't there shouting expletives at people asking for non-spicy food. 

They suburban restaurants have an "americanized" menu with general tsao's, cashew chicken and the like.  But we ordered a few appetizers from the "authentic chinese"side along with the $6.95 lunch special (quite a deal for soup & and entree).  Sliced beef in chili oil and the noodles in chili oil, both served cold, were tasty with a nice heat that sneaks up on you towards the end of the dish.  

My boss got the chicken with dry hot peppers and I went with Ma Po tofu w/ minced pork. Do you know how to make tofu taste good?  Add some minced pork of course!  It actually had a great sauce on there, and just enough spiciness to make it interesting.  

Definitely looking forward to this being a regular lunch spot now.  My only wish would be that they add some more spicy items to the lunch specials list.  There were only two, which we got, but I've got a feeling we'll run through the rest of that list pretty quickly.  

-T. Kaso

Han Dynasty
260 North Pottstown Pike, Exton, PA 19341(610) 524-4002

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