Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dapper Dog - Shot Down

After the first bite of the reuben dog a few weeks ago, I have become an instant fan and supporter of the Dapper Dog cart, located in NoLibs at 2nd on Poplar. They are only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:30 to 2:30ish, but that is prime time for what they are serving.

Back to that reuben dog - think of the best hot dog you've ever had, grilled on a flat top then topped with saurkraut, pastrami and russian dressing. Good. God. I'm sure the extra beers I had that night helped things, but that was probably the best dog I've ever had. The reuben was the special that night, but they also have some staples on the menu that I am looking forward to checking out soon.

Chicago - Topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, yellow mustard, peppers, and a pickle spear
Coney Island - Topped with chili, banana peppers, and shredded cheddar cheese
The Mack - Macaroni and cheese.  On the hot dog.  No kidding. 

They also advertise on the website that after 2am, you can get anything on a sandwich for $5. Imagine the possibilities that you're inebriated medulaa oblongata can come up with.

But now The Man is coming down on the Dapper Dog, saying that they can no longer be open past midnight. There is apparently a city ordinance that says vending carts can't be open between 12am-7am. This is not only ridiculous, but an insult to the institution of drunk food.

Please support Dapper Dog and show them you're love.  They will be open this weekend, but only till midnight.  Sign their petition.  Email Councilman Dicicco.  Let's get all democratic on this.  


A posting from their facebook page reads:

"The dapper dog will be open from 6pm till 12am friday & sat and we will have a petition please come out and support us." 
"If you would like the Dapper Dog to be opne past 12am fri & Sat voice your opinion to Frank DiCiccio."
OFFICE: (215) 686-3458

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  1. Hey this is Seth, one of the owners of the Dapper Dog. We are open in the outdoor patio space just across the street on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights until around 2:30