Friday, March 11, 2011

Krakus Market

Have you heard of this place? No? If you indulge in things Polish (kielbasa, pierogies, golomkies) then shame on you. Don't feel bad though - neither has anyone else in Philly.

Krakus is a traditional Polish market in Port Richmond.  So traditional that you will hear more Polish being spoken than English and you won't even recognize most of the random jarred vegetables.  Seriously, who likes pickled beets?  What Krakus does better than almost anyone is homemade pierogies - they've got two stand up freezers stacked with a half dozen varieties each.  Potato, sauerkraut, beef, potato & cheese, spinach, jalapeno, and even desert ones - strawberry & blueberry that are great with powdered sugar!

Their deli counter has a range of consonant filled sausage names - a few links of Zwyczajna anyone?  They are nice enough to give english translations and descriptions for those of us lacking on our Polski.  If you tell them what you're doing with the kielbasa (boiling, grilling, sauteeing)  they can even recommend something for you.  My favorite so far is the hot & spicy kielbasa Ostra.  

The neighborhood is a little sketchy, but give this place a try next time you're in the mood for some cheap ethnic comfort food.  Grilled kielbasa and pierogies?  Tak, proszÄ™!

Krakus Market

3150 Richmond Street (at Allegheny)
Philadelphia, Pa 19134

Store Hours:
Closed Monday
9am - 7pm, Tuesday - Thursday
9am - 8pm, Friday
8am - 5pm, Saturday
10am - 2pm, Sunday

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  1. If you like Krakus, you'll love Syrenka Luncheonette across the street. Don't be fooled by the dingy interior. Robin Williams loves the place!