Friday, July 1, 2011


I know, I know - you've been anxiously awaiting the return of FoodBaby. How are you supposed to know where to get a nap inducing lunch? Where will you turn to find your new favorite cart food? Have no fear, I am back on the interweb. After a month layoff from posting, due to a wedding and honeymoon, I return to my electronic stomping ground with a whole new list of places to go and try this summer. 

Places I can't wait to check out:
Farm & Fisherman
Mirabella Meatball Co.
Ortlieb's Jazzhouse (just announced that it's coming back)
Talula's Garden
Pub & Kitchen
Erawan Thai in Chinatown
Sahara Indian
Le Virtu
The Corner

In the meantime though, I thought I'd include some highlights from our trip to Thailand. In every aspect, the food is just incredible there. From street carts in Bangkok, to fresh seafood from the Andaman sea in Ao Nang, we ate like kings - plus it's cheap! Here's some of the best we had. Oh, there was also a little stop off in Paris for a 10 hour layover that allowed us to have lunch at a great cafe overlooking Notre Dame cathedral.  Oh the life...

Pad Kee Mao - Drunken Noodles with shrimp.  Cooked in a wok over a charcoal fire. Incredible. 

Thai Pepsi

Fried rice with huge chunks of crab

Gift from the hotel

Soft shell crabs

More Pad Kee Mao - and the Wifey! 

Singha beers in Patpong night market

Thai style chopped green salad with peanuts, spicy herbs and black sesame-lime vinaigrette

Wok seared tuna sashimi with creamy garlic polenta and roast bell pepper sauce

Garlic roast snow fish fillet on white bean and smoked bacon ragout with artichoke jus

Martini cart at Bed Supperclub

Chocolate lover's soft and chewy brownie with praline ice cream and vanilla whipped cream

Spicy tuna roll 

Salmon roll

some other roll

Crabs (they were huge) in spicy curry 

Green curry we made at cooking school!

Drinks at Rei Lei beach

Lunch appetizer at Rei Lei - the leaves were like little wraps with bits of toasted coconut, dried prawns, onion, and spicy peppers.  Drizzle it with the palm sugar in the middle and roll it up.  Yumm! 

Pad kee mao in Rei Lei

Spring rolls at Rei Lei

Glass noodles with huge prawns

That's a prawn - and it's the size of my head.  

Breakfast of champions  while waiting for the long tail boats

Cheese burger in paradise

Spicy papaya salad with crab

Fried cashews w/ peppers - these were ridiculously addictive

More huge prawns - this time in garlic, lime & wine.  So good.

Veggies, chicken and noodles - can't go wrong

Fried won-tons with shrimp filling

Spicy beef salad

Red curry with chicken

Noodle soup with prawns

Thai condiments - peppers in vinegar, granulated MSG, and ground dried peppers

Crepes in Paris

Croque madame in Paris

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